Everything you need to know about Botox

Thinking about testing the waters and trying out Botox? Let's spill the tea on all things 'tox!

Thinking about testing the waters and trying out Botox? Worried it won’t look natural? Maybe you’re just needing a little more reassurance you aren’t the only one noticing those pesky lines. We get it, and we’re here to break down each of your concerns. Let’s spill the tea on all things ‘tox!

If you think about it, more prominent wrinkles are usually seen in your most expressive areas. Laugh lines, forehead creasing and 11’s are lines developed from muscle use in your facial expressions over the years. This is where our BFF, Botox, comes in handy. Botox is utilized to signal muscles to move less. Less movement of your skin means relaxed wrinkles and prevention of additional wrinkle formation, resulting in smoother, more youthful skin. Sound too good to be true? Keep reading!

Full transparency: Botox is not going to erase your wrinkles. It reduces the appearance of wrinkles by filling in the area below and helping muscles hold shape. The wrinkle itself will still exist and can resurface if it goes untreated with follow up appointments. Scheduling routine visits to replenish treated areas helps prevent these wrinkles from becoming deeper or additional wrinkles from forming.

Botox can be injected:

  • Forehead for lines
  • Crow's Feet (line around eyes)
  • Frown lines (AKA the 11’s)
  • Neck
  • Lip flips, lip spasms, lip wrinkles or gummy smile
  • Chin for smoothing dimples
  • Masseter muscle for facial slimming

OTHER USES: relieve unrelenting tension

  • Masseter muscle- TMJ
  • Hyperhidrosis- excessive sweating
  • Headache- migraine relief

Repeat treatments are key to maintaining that smooth appearance, as well as preventing future wrinkles. That means we get to see your lovely face on a reoccurring basis! We love rewarding our clients for staying on track with their appointments. The Skin Therapist offers an exclusive discount of XYZ for clients that keep up with appointments and revisit every 3 months.

Now that you’re an expert on all things Botox, let’s get you scheduled! Our Injections Specialists are so excited to have you in their chair. Ready to book your consultation? CLICK ON LINK BELOW to view our current openings and get scheduled today!


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